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Crafted with Love: Our Story

our products Finding high quality fine jewelry with great design and affordable prices often seems like an unattainable dream.The search for a The Lirio, fusing my passion for design with a mission to make exquisite design, top-notch quality, and accessibility synonymous with Fine Jewelry. My training and years of experience both as a Jewelry Designer and a certified Gemologist from GIA enable me to merge the best design elements with the highest quality stones and materials to create memorable pieces. Each piece we craft is a testament to our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.We incorporate the latest trends and manufacturing techniques in the world of jewelry design, allowing us to offer innovative and fashion-forward designs to our clients to their personal style and preference. Through our meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality, we have established our brand as trusted professionals in the industry.

manufacturingWhat sets us apart is our ability to translate our clients' ideas and desires into reality. We understand that jewelry is an expression of one's personal style and emotions, which is why we strive to create designs that resonate with each individual.

Quality remains our cornerstone. Designed in Vancouver and manufactured globally, we painstakingly curate conflict-free, top-tier stones based on cut, color, and clarity, and use only our materials which are skin-safe and free from harmful metals. Whether it's a custom engagement ring for that special person or a captivating statement piece for a special occassion or even a one of a kind pair of cufflinks made in 24K gold from one of our clients for his sons graduation gift, our commitment is to transform these special moments into cherished lifelong memories.

broachIn our manufacturing process, we collaborate with renowned stone cutters, polishers, goldsmiths, and craftsmen from around the world, ensuring exceptional quality at affordable prices for our cherished customers. With designers, GIA Gemologists and Raw material sourcers, we as a team are confident in our ability to deliver exceptional jewelry that surpasses expectations. Our pieces bring our clients' visions to life, creating timeless pieces that are cherished for generations to come. It is our pleasure to offer you a truly bespoke and personalized jewelry experience, where quality and creativity merge seamlessly. If you are seeking a brand who can craft exquisite, custom-made jewelry that holds both artistic and sentimental value, look no further. We are here to bring your unique vision to life and provide you with an unforgettable jewelry experience..

For the team at The Lirio, no budget is too small, and no dream too big. Our triumph lies in the delight our jewelry brings to the lives of our customers.

Niki Nanda

Founder and Chief Designer

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